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Dear Valued Customer,


As all of you are now well aware there have been a rash of high profile problems and concerns about Made in China product safety and quality in both North America and Europe (as well as other markets we ship to). A number of you have contacted me for reassurance and have expressed your relief that Fengdn Co., Ltd have a system of “risk control” and take these matters very seriously.  Frankly, it is one of the key reasons why you trust us with your business, along with creativity, project management and commercial advantages. While I do appreciate your confidence and take this responsibility in working for some of the world’s leading global brands incredibly seriously, this is an area where being smug for 3 seconds can land you in a world of pain and humility. There are simply no shortcuts here. We must always be vigilant, and in fact need to be ever more so.


Over 10 years of experience we have designed/engineered, sourced and shipped literally of our products.  These range in type and complexity but each and every one is important to you and needs to be treated with utmost care by us.


We are proud of our industry leading quality ratings. While we typically have only a handful of serious

(Client rejected) quality concerns each year, every one is extremely painful to all of us and is studied in depth by all Fengdn Co., Ltd senior management (who are all owners of the business!) with the objective of ensuring they are not repeated. We are proud of the fact that we have not had any serious product liability issues in the history of our company.


All of this makes the risk control process we have refined over many years ever more important. It also requires that we constantly look to revamp and improve it and cannot ever take anything for granted. We have continued to add more high level and mid level talent to ensure this happens, and continue to invest in our engineering, quality and lab resources on the front line.


Four-point Risk Management Strategy – “ensuring consistent product quality and safe”

1. Design

Ø Professional manufacturing software, such as UG / Pro-E / AutoCAD, to translate client’s information, such as (idea, samples, 2D or 3D drawing), into 3D drawing, to make fast molding products or make expeditious mould base on client’s requirement.

Ø Fengdn Co., Ltd appoints a project manager to each individual project and client. The project manager is in charge of the entire project from start to finish providing direct communication for the client. All project management teams communicate in English.

Ø Social accountability concerns are reviewed.

Ø Processing of contractual agreements and terms of customer.


2. Production

Ø  Detailed product specs and quality criterion are developed.

Ø  Pilot run and product testing before mass production begins.

Ø  “Golden sample” and Min/Max range boards are used to confirm agreed product acceptance criteria.

Ø  Statistical process controls, rework stages and final pass yields are monitored to define potential areas of risk.

3. Final Inspection

Ø  Every shipment is inspected by an Fengdn Co., Ltd quality inspector prior to authorization for final shipment release.

Ø  Inspections utilize a comprehensive and product specific inspection procedure (IP) developed during design stage and encompassing customer’s requirements.

Ø  Random sample inspection limits are defined using AQL sampling and inspection methodologies by customer’s quality inspector or third inspection agency.

4. Sales Service

Ø  Every goods have quality guarantee for customer.

Ø  Escalated information feedback system and handler.

Ø  Effectively communicate ongoing expectations and defined measures of success.


Please know that given the economic realities mentioned above we have for some time now been further tightening already well defined levels of product inspection rates, independent third party test verifications.  These changes coupled with our existing and proven practices will ensure products and services sourced by Fengdn Co., Ltd continue to meet some of the most stringent test and compliance requirements in the industry. You have come to expect no less.


At Fengdn Co., Ltd, product safety, quality and reliability remain the highest priority. Thanks for taking time to read about this important issue, and thanks always for your support and trust.



Yours Sincerely,




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